Saturday, May 03, 2003

Havent been able to access net. Have to be careful. INTEL wactch...
Not good, this is not good... The agency seems to know about my suitcase and my friends. The less respectable ones. Maybe it was something I said or did. It must be the anaysts. D.s CODE
L ey av xki dgv. M zmxx ji fegspx vsaz. Irdpkebw, wixx L. Eqh fqtp kmy fpew xtq wxkid'e nvdqq iwvnip. Ncx wixx pmp M wzwa wlmf blh hagjphw saveq fq rwyqhe. EpiDw zab krrzm tevx ygkl oszsmv wlqdm. M kehq bs js----- -uUU RRX TQZI DR KQWQRVQ
I want to go swim with a SHARK! or eat a SHARK fin! Or see that neat SHARK in jaws-- I got that "Sharky" feeling.
srry things didnt work out, boss. and tell I. that shes a hottie.

Friday, April 04, 2003

So whats up. Im taking a trip this weekend. As in, tomorrow. So I get today off. Suhweet!
Been watching tv. Heard that Scott Folley ditched his wife. Too bad for him- shes hot!
Well, I think I'm in love with my ex. Which kinda sux. Cuz I'm pretty sure she wouldnt.... reconsider. Plus I have the current 1 also.
Soooo. Still watchin tv. not much on tho. And surfing the net.
Im still getting weird emails. Maybe some1 got my e by accident through work? duno. but yeah. They really pry into my life-- seems like they don't like who I'm REALLY working for. But from the names they mention, it sure sounds like they are doing the same thing. Of course, they could just be being lyed to.
Im writing a short story. Its about brain dysfunction and the future. I think its ok.

"They have what I want and I can never have it. And I do not love because of it. And I hate because of it. I do not want to hate. I have no choice."

Friday, March 28, 2003

Well. Another long interval. Its been harder for me to get to my computer latley. Even at work! Soooooo
took a hot chick out this weekend... PLAYERS their gonna PLAY. Yeah. Especially when its fun. Whew hew. But I dont feel guilty. It wasnt even any fun. Have a meeting right now but I am typing on my PDA wireless.. Pretending to take notes. Hehehehe. Dull meeting. We're discussing the war and how it relates to us. Dull, like I said.
Just got an email from a weirdoo. Turned on my auto responce. So I wont be expecting any of those for a while. Weird emails, I mean.
Bitched at some intern--- I dont like cream in my coffie.
Blogs are so dorky.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Wow. Its been a while since I wrote. but w/e. ive been keeping busy.
actually this week was ok. not "good" but as in "less sucky". which was nice.
not a lot of work. and the gf is being ok.
though I seriosuly think some of my friends are WEIRD.
Forgot about that AI movie. it was serisouyl cool. trippen.
I thoigh like the vision of the future and the effects sucked until the end
but the plot---- it was like WOW. REALLY powerfull. made me think of my frikin gf.
yeah. really cool movie. check it out. In the end they go to new york but its frozen and you see the world trade centers! Really... not funny but... interesting? Incidential.
and i felt so sorry for the poor little robot kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
made me check out some info on artifical inteligence-- on the oficial website you can chat with a robot. I gotta look more of these chat things up soon!

Saturday, March 15, 2003

Watched the US Open today. On TV. Wish I coulda gone in person but I cant travel to far, to long. Cuz of work. So I watched the TV.
But it was sick. Seriously sick. Some of those dudes got a lotta air!! Ross Powers won but I wasn't too impresed with his preformance. Some Japaneese guy was way good but he ended up in second. I bet the judges were biased with Ross or something cuz the Japanese dude was way better. It was close, to. Like three points difference. He shoulda won. Huh. Sucks. Oh well. Theres always next year. See, he went really high. Highest of em all! Powers didnt go all that high, he just spun around alot. Its not the spinning that gets me. It is all about the height. But it was way cool.
Kinda made me forget my life.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Ah. Today was actually a pretty good day. Especially since I get out early on Fridays! Plus I got tasked to work with Nora, and I really love her. Not as in a gf but I value our friendship. Though I still have secrets from her..
I finished my brochure outline for the agency which would normally have been required on mon- so its nice that I don't have to go do all that later. But I have a ton to do this weekend. GF's bringing guests over. Shmooz a thon. Hate 'em.
But I did get two movies from the vid store to watch this weekend. Sci fi action bliss. AI-- some peeps told me it bombed but the rest loved it- and then like that new Star Trek movie on DVD. The one with the whales? I love that one!!
Plus I got a new book- spy book that just came out- and two Trek books, and a really sick one called "The Seduction of Water" that I read about in People. Sick book. Awesome writing. You all should check it out. And while your at it, get that new Trek dvd.
Jenny B was telling me how much she liked AI and then Eliza and Eva were telling me they hated it. But I really like Jenny B so I figured I would give it a try. PLus there was that whole trippin web thing to promote it Nik was telling me about. So yeah- its in my VCR.
Let you all know how it turns out ltr.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Well. Its been a while since I wrote. Not to long. Well. I've been busy. Wasn't fully recovered, but I went back to the hell house anyways. Sheesh. Work.
I am tired. Boy am I tired. But I must prepare a report. And this weekend I have to go to some function with a bunch of guests. Ahh.
I want to go on vacation someplace warm and sunny and away from all these PEOPLE!

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Gog. Hafta go take my medecine.
OK. So its been a while since I've written. Huh. Hope you all missed me. Right.
I am sick. Have been sick. Woke up on sunday with a sore throat. I got strep. God. Sucks. But I'm trained to be tough... I guess..
Of course, it does mean I don't have to go to work. Thank the lord.
If they knew I was writing this blog they'd probably call it a 'publicity risk'. Dude. Paranoid travel agents.
So I watched some retro flicks on the mini tv. Surfed the net. Made a few important calls on one of my cell phones. And now here I am. What bordom brings upon me. God.
Besides from the hurting throat, I like being sick. I get to do nothing. Just watch TV. Eat. Fun.
No sucky work at the agency.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

At least Im not as tired. To say the least. However, I am super POD. Pissed. Off.
One of my old friends called. I told her to stop being such a bitch about a project from work. I told her it wasn't even a real life situation. Pertend!! But she hung up on me. She was like "I'm the bitch?" like I was being a jerk. She is a total bitch. But I feel guilty. Like I want to clear things up with her. Maybe I'll make a speach. Maybe not. Whatever. Its just Mary Elizibeth. She used to be in love with me. The feeling wasn't mutual. She stopped. I decided I liked her better when she did like me. We haven't been very good friends since. And she and her crowd had kinda become my only crowd. And now shes turned them all on me. Seriously. She says IM the bastard. Huh.
So I have been having to repair all of my old friends, and contacts, and relationships. Its tough. Another problem in my troublingly problematic life. Work sucks. But at least the stuff I had to take home wasn't as bad. Just took me an hour and a half. And they didn't even call me in. I had to webconfrence for half an hour, but still.
I still want a new job. A new place. A new residence.
Fuck, a new life might be nice.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Today. Huh. It was.... special? Interesting? No. Just bad.
Why. Huh. Well. I was tired. All day. Still am. But I need to release. Let it out. Anyways I went to bed as early as I can, and then woke up as late as I could, and then I was still tired. All day. The whole time. All. And I am about to go back to bed. Ahh. Sad. Sucky. Life.
Work sucked. I hate one of my coworkers. Total ass. And plus, I lost some little important thingy which was not that hard to make anyways. And the people I was supposed to deliver it to freaked out. One person actually. And I usually like her! But no. She had to go all super bitch on me. SUPER BITCH!!!!
And it wasn't even that big of a deal.
I went and had a long lunch away from people reading an exciting spy novel.
Blogs are so dorky.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Huh. Well at least today wasn't such a bitch. GF started talking to me again. Duno why she was so frikin pissed. Girls. Women. Whatever. Work was ok. But still this travel agency bores me. Its kind of like school. And like school I have frikin homework. Seriously. It doesn't carry that label, but it is sucky and the same. Arg. Erm. Ahh. Maybe I should have payed more attention to the '7 Habbits'... Book. Oh well. Whatever. Yeah.I have a ton of work. A ton. More paper pushing. Number crunching. Drawing conclusions. Beleive me, it gets dull. No matter who your employer is, you get sick of it. Really sick.
I better start the work. Sucky. It makes me so mad that its just like an endless frikin cycle. Ahhh. Now I'm being spied on by some priss. Inturupted. Watched. And now I'm just going to finish my little blog entry...
Blogs are so dorky.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Wow. Wow wow wow. Wow wow. Not a sick day. A completley uncool one if there ever was one. ComplETLELY. As in it SUCKED. S-u-c-k-e-d. I hate my job. Seriously. Maybe if I was F($*%( Lau Tsu then maybe I would comment on the human nature of lazyness. I am NOT F#*$(N Lau Tsu and thus all I can comment on is the succkiness on my job. I go to it-- normal week day hours-- and then they make me do a ton of work which I am sure won't help me or the company or EVEN national security! Not that I usually help that anyways.Buuut..
I do a ton of dull work. When all I wanted to do was sleep till 10. But then I get home and just want to chill, maybe check out MTV or the new 24 or something-- as I have no intrest in current events outside of work, ever since I started my job-- and then get in bed, read a magazine, be lazy. Slobby. But instead of fufiling this lovely dream of mine I have to complete bucketloads of numbercrunching as well as some 'hypothetical fictonal planning' meaning I had to make a what if story. Not my ball game. At least not now.

It makes me think back to my school days. I was a model student. Overacheaver. Dorky. A wuss. But then I started to get sick of my school. I had loved it. It had been several years. So I changed. Kept being the perfect kid. I think its happening again. Thats why I've done what I've done. It will be a way out. And there isn't any other. This will only keep going on and on. Work. Work. Sleep. Work. Always. I can't just stand by and let this happen. I need an exit strategy. I won't feel guilty. I have no reason. I'm justified. It's my future. And I know it.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Work calls. Arg. Has anyone noticed how the timing on this thing is messed up?
Well. Wasn’t today interesting. Not really. See, the relatives came to visit. Kind of stupid, considering it takes them like four hours to get here and they’re only staying the day. But whatever. So we go out and do the whole touristy thing—swimming, going to the mall… And though it was a really sweet day, ugg. Talk about dorks!! They needed someone to tell them what to do. So when I was called into work, this was a problem. Grondo problemo. So I leave them at the house and head in to work where they need my quick help with some travel planning info. I try and snap it off but there, everything takes forever. So… About two hours later, I’m back at the house and everyone’s gone. I find them at the next Wendy’s, but still… So finally I could ditch them-- they have to head back out to the middle of no-where. All thanks to my mother offering my house up as an inn. Arg. And work was such a pain. But a nice excape. I get such conflicting feelings about that stupid agency!!!

And now my gf won't pick up the phone.

Saturday, March 01, 2003

Well. Back from the GF's. Sucked. She can be a real super bitch. Arg. Frustrating.
We were just going out to the movies. You know. Daredevil or something. No big deal. And then she just has to go mess everything up. So I'm going in for the kill and am met, passionetley, with... A request for a frikin Frappuccino. God. Exciting. I know. So that didn't take too long. And then I head over to Virgin and, of course, it's closing early. To top it all off, I then get beeped by the office. They do that way to much. Frikin annoying. And then work was great. Which just goes to show how pothetic things are. I was like 'Oh My God'. It almost makes me hate my work. But I worked so long on it. So hard. It would just be stupid. I'm just in a slump. Or at least thats what I tell myself. Maybe its just an excuse. I hope it's not. It better not be or things wouldn't be good. But that would serve to explain my current situation, or I suppose.
Ahh. So at work I had to get a report ready on travel saftey in the middle east. Trouble is I totally had to bias it for the purpose of what my superiors thought was the 'right' thing. Sometimes I really think they are totally corupt and bad people themselves. Earlier I loved them. And I worked hard to become their civil servant, but trouble is, I don't like them that much. But I have my methods of solving this. Like this blog my friends advised, among several other (more drastic) things. Blogs are so dorky. Hehe.
Well. I decided to start this blog to.... Let a few things out of my system. I'm not big on all that new agey stuff but my friends tell me I should. So now I am. Dude. Its kinda weird.
Umm. I work in Cali. Travel agency. Not too exiting. Or at least you wouldn't think so. But I like it. Particularly my big, real, boss. But I don't want to talk about work alot. But now I have to go. GFs waiting. A blog is so dorky. Whatever. Later guyz.